The condition of your lawn is a direct reflection of your business. If overgrown grass and unkempt flower beds surround your building, it could drive customers away. Luckily, Wilkerson's Landscaping Services is available for commercial lawn maintenance services in Woodbury and St Paul, MN. You can hire us to take care of mowing and other landscaping tasks needed to keep your lawn in meticulous condition.

Contact us today to set up weekly, bi-weekly or monthly commercial lawn mowing services.

4 benefits of hiring a professional lawn service

Keeping your lawn beautiful takes a lot of hard work. By hiring a professional commercial lawn mowing company, you'll:

  1. Save time and money
  2. Get higher-quality results
  3. Keep a perfectly maintained lawn
  4. Attract new customers and clients
We're available for commercial lawn maintenance on a schedule that suits your needs. Need residential services? Call 651-829-5910 to see how we can help.